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I began this journey over 20 years ago when my four children had an infestation of head lice. I was a single mom, working and going to school full time. Head lice was not something I was equipped to deal with at the time and I felt overwhelmed. I tried the toxic OTC method first which, did not work, so resorted to hand picking nits for hours and hours as well as changing the pillow case every morning for about a month before we had a lice-free home.


This ignited a passion in me to help others. Since then, I have dealt with hundreds of families affected with head lice during my eighteen years as a nurse and now a professional certified head lice technician. My focus is to provide the highest level of quality care to you and/or your family.  I find it very rewarding to help families in Madison and South-Central Wisconsin get their lives back to normal by providing a non-toxic, safe, natural lice treatment eliminating the infestation, along with straightforward, accurate information to help families avoid the cycle of re-infestation. 

I deliver a friendly, professional, easy lice treatment experience in the privacy of your own home! All for a fraction of what other lice removal companies charge and in much less time (#1-Exclusive "One & Done" lice treatment takes about 30 minutes total). 

Liceinators is the only company in this area that offers the all-natural, non-toxic, safe, exclusive, propitiatory mineral technology in the #1-Exclusive ”One & Done!" lice removal service and DIY product that dehydrates and kills both the lice and the nits.

Our Mission

Liceinators of South-Central Wisconsin is proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, experience, and commitment to putting your mind at ease. Our goal is to eliminate the lice problem as quickly and privately as possible.

Yeelah Knight RN, BSN, CEN, CLT

(Registered Nurse, Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Lice Technician)

CEO and Founder

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