Coronavirus Precautions

We are encouraging do-it-yourself with our easy DIY "One & Done!"Head Lice Treatment Kit to reduce contact and exposure for you, your family and our technicians. This is the same product that is used by our professional lice technicians. Pickups will be handed off at a safe location with the delivery person wearing a mask for your safety and we would ask that you please wear a mask for ours.

If  you choose to have us come to your home:


  1. We make sure that technicians and clients have no symptoms before we send anybody to your home.

  2. Our technicians are trained and will use best practices for the prevention of spread of all germs including Coronavirus. The technician will wear a mask and we ask that any family member not getting treatment and in close contact with technician please wear a mask for our technicians safety. 

  3. We send only one person at a time to your home. This greatly reduces the risk of infection as compared to a crowded lice clinic. 

  4. In your home, windows can be opened for ventilation or your family can be checked and treated outside or in a screened-in patio, weather permitting.

  5. The best precaution to take is to limit contact with others and this treatment usually takes about 30 minutes per person so greatly reducing exposure time compared to other professional lice treatment options.