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The Real Costs of Lice Treatments 

Lice can bring even the strongest person to their knees because it can be seemingly impossible to get eliminate them on your own. The average person suffers with head lice for 3-6 months before they call in the professionals. During that time they will try 5-7 toxic treatments while spending countless dollars and hours trying to get rid of their infestation.

These hours include doctor’s visits, toxic pesticide treatments, gadgets, ineffective combs, beauty salon lice products, internet lice products, homemade remedies, unnecessarily discarding items due to infestation, and finally prescription strength pesticide treatments (which still fail most of the time) not to mention the countless loads of laundry, cleaning and the stress! It’s no wonder people feel that lice treatment is costly and time consuming.


Liceinators lice removal treatments are neither costly or time consuming.  We’ve broken down the average cost of our treatment to show you how easy it is to eliminate lice with the help of Liceinators - The Lice Terminating Super Heroes! We're happy to help :)

Do-it-Yourself Treatment Costs

  • Doctor Visits for diagnosis and guidance                                                    $250.00 /person

  • Rid Compete Kit                                                                                     $ 47.98

  • Nix Family Kit                                                                                        $ 21.99

  • Internet Lice Products, Homemade Remedies, Gadgets, Prevention Products.      $150.00

  • Prescription Lice Treatments                                                                       $265.98

  • Replacement hair brushes, combs, hair accessories                                       $100.00

  • Missed Work (3 days missed work on average Based on $50,000 salary)                    $450.00

  • Missed School (Private - 3 days missed school on average based on $10,000 tuition)       $167.00

  • Missed after-school activities                                                                     $100.00

  • Additional Water and Electricity charges due to Extra Laundry and cleaning              $100.00

  • Total costs:                                                                         $1,652.95 /person


And that’s not even considering the hours you'll spend doing laundry, cleaning, combing or the anxiety and toxic effects of multiple lice treatments.

Emotional and Physical Costs

  • Hours spent in vain treating, combing and nit picking only to find out several days later that there are still nits and lice in the hair

  • The frustration of not being able to see what is in your own hair

  • Restless, crying, and frustrated children who endure picking and pulling at their hair for long hours

  • Long term effects of toxic ingredients in most of the drug store and prescription treatments

  • The discomfort and distraction of an itchy scalp

  • Back aches from constant vacuuming, doing loads of wash and nit picking

  • The biggest toll of all are the emotional ones, which include but are not limited to frustration, anger, humiliation, guilt, worry, stress; all of which can be alleviated by a visit from Liceinators.

Cost to Hire Liceinators To Treat Your Family

  • Lice Removal Appointment  (0.5 - 1.5 hours depending on hair length).                 $155.00 per person

  • Free intensive head check ($25.00 reduction if treatment needed)                        $ 0

  • Hands-on Professional Lice Combing Training Provided                                       $ 0

  • Consultation on treating home environment                                                       $ 0

  • Info Sheet to Treat Your Home and Family, and Prevent future Reinfestations             $ 0

  • No follow-up treatment needed with #1-Exclusive "One & Done!"                          $ 0

  • Average Cost per person                                                               $155.00 per person + mileage​

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