Liceinators Lice Removal Risk Free Guarantee
100% Effective and Guaranteed

30 Day Guarantee

Full Lice Treatment guarantee that covers recipient up to 30 days from the original purchase date.


30 Day Guarantee Requirements:

  • Requires the purchase of Prevention Kit(s) to cover all members of household or family. 

  • Reciept must accompany refund. 

We Kill Lice and Nits In A Single Treatment

Guarantee Void

Guarantee Void if any of the following:

  • Dry Screenings Do Not Qualify, wet Head Check must be done by Liceinators technician 

  • If the Prevention Kit is not purchased to cover all members of household/family (including extended family if child(ren) travel between parents or guardians households

  • If all family members are not screened and treated if necessary as above within 24 hours of original appointment