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Lice Treatments in Madison, WI and Surrounding Areas

Liceinators LLC of South-Central Wisconsin is now open for business with the popular Olive Oil Head Lice Treatment while we wait for the next shipment of our #1-Best Mineral Head Lice Treatment to arrive. We make house calls for your convenience and privacy. All same day appointments, please text or call (608) 515-8883.

We know this can be a stressful and anxious time but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to help you get through by using a safe natural treatment. Check out all the “FAQs”, “Talking to Others” and “Lice Alert Letter” at created to help you understand and communicate this infestation to all those you and your family might have been in contact with. No shame or blame.

First a Head Check needs to be done on all members of the family. The Head Check-$25/head which will be deducted from the treatment price. The Olive Oil Lice Treatment is a process that requires olive oil and reduction combing with follow-up of 5-7 days. You are able to do these follow-up treatments on your own or we would be happy to come back to help you. Price is *$175/first hour then $75/hour. Females average about 1.5 hours depending on length of hair and level of infestation. All services are guaranteed for 30 days (see for details).

We also offer the #1-Best “One & Done” Mineral Lice Treatment but are currently waiting for our next shipment to arrive. We are expecting it the beginning of September so check back for this quick, all natural, safe and green treatment option. Learn more on the “Pricing & Book Online” page at the top.

Looking forward to speaking with you and helping your family deal with these pesky little parasites!

*Mileage round trip at the current IRS mileage rate will be added to your final bill.

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