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"Professional Lice Help Near Me"

“I’ve had it! I can’t do this anymore!” The number of times I’ve heard this and similar devastating statements from overwhelmed mothers and fathers is truly amazing. Families that have been dealing with lice for months and even in one case several years. They’ve tried everything from drug store remedies that are very toxic and expensive to strange computer diy remedies that just don’t work but probably put your loved ones at risk of chemical exposure. All for not and at a great emotional toll on every family member, especially the moms.

Getting rid of lice on your own can be done but it’s an arduous process if you don’t know what you’re doing or have bad information. The key to home DIY lice eradication is time and lots of it! Every single nit must be removed.

There is a better way than carrying the entire burden on your own. There’re actually a couple different ways that will help you or your family get rid of these pesky little critters. It all

Heavy infestation of lice and nits in long hair.

Call a professional for help. 608-515-8883

starts with calling in a professional lice technician to help. You’ve probably already searched the internet for help but a professional that deals with head lice on a daily basis is your best bet. The cost of investing up front for a professional far out ways the hours, days, months and years you could spend, the cost of drugstore treatments that don’t work as well as exposing your loved ones to harsh chemicals, and probably the most important cost, the emotional toll. Your sanity is an immeasurable asset. Don’t underestimate the power of lice to carry on surviving. Get help now.

"What Can a Lice Professional near me do that I haven’t been able to do?"

Get rid of lice fast! They provide valuable information and get rid of lice fast by doing the work for you. Let’s face it, we are very busy people and nobody has time for lice. At "Liceinators" there are 3 options on offer; 1-Exclusive “One & Done!” mineral treatment that takes about 30 minutes to complete and that’s it, all done!, 2-Classic Oil treatment which is a process using olive oil and reduction combing and, 3-DIY “One & Done!” mineral treatment which is the exact same solution the professional technician uses in #1 which can be purchased and used by any adult on the entire family for a fraction of #1’s cost. Of course, we favor the idea of a “one and done” treatment after seeing the toll a lice infestation has exacted on so many people but the choice is completely yours and we will support you in any decision you make.

"Where is Liceinators located?"

After choosing "Liceinators" from your Google search of “Professional Lice Help Near Me” you’d be surprised to learn that you and your family didn’t have to go anywhere. As a mobile service we come to your house to treat everyone. What a relief having treatment done in the comfort and privacy of your own home! The shock and disruption of lice is already enormous so why subject everyone to the potential humiliation of possibly being seen heading into a business that offers lice services? Wouldn’t you rather have that service come to you?! Give us a call and we’ll have you all feeling like super heroes in now time!

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